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Posted: September 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

This week on my blog I will be talking about Memory

First of all the word memory is the persistence of learning overtime via the storage and retrieval of information. There are many types of memories such as flashbulb memory, sensory memory, working memory, short – term memory, and long – term memory.  Flashbulb memory is a clear memory of an emotionally significant moment or event in your life. It’s not free from errors though. 

The foundations of memory consist of encoding which is converting information into a form in which it will be retained in memory.  Storage is when you hold information in memory for later use.  Retrieval is recovering information from storage in your memory.

Atkinson believed that memory came in three different forms.  This belief was labeled the Atkinson-Shiffrin modal memory model.   Sensory Memory was the first stage.  It holds a literal record of incoming information for a few seconds.  This stage uses icons and echoes to remember certain things.  Icons are mental images.  Echoes are brief continuation of auditory info after a sound is heard.

Short Term Memory is referred to as STM.  It is the system that is used to hold small amounts of information for relatively brief periods.  It has infinite time but a little capacity. Meaning that as long as you keep that same thought you will not forget it, but as soon as you think of something else that thought will be gone.  George Miller created a Digit Span Test which is a test of short term memory; recall of strings of digits. 

The average person can remember 7 digits

-7 + -2 bits of information

Bits of meaningful information

Maintenance Rehearsal is mentally reviewing information to hold it in the short term memory.  Elaborative Rehearsal is linking new information to existing memories.  It allows the Long Term Memory to form.  Chunking is when you group information into larger units; usually meaningful.  It usually happens automatically. 



These are broken into three’s

Working memory is the set of temporary memory that sores actively manipulate and rehearses information.  It focuses more on the processing of briefly stored information.  Central executive processor is the visual and verbal storage.  It is also an episode buffer.

Sensory – Short Term Memory – Long Term Memory

Working Memory would be labeled under Short Term Memory

Long Term memory is the system that is used for relatively permanent storage of meaningful information.  It has limitless storehouse of the memory. (the more you learn the harder it is to know what you know)

Fun Fact:  Going on shows that cause you to learn a lot of knowledge makes it harder for you to remember everything that you had crammed/studied.


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