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Okay this week I am going to continue talking about Cognitive Psychology.  Lat week we left off by talking about Overconfidence.  If you don’t remember the information you can simply look on Post Number Six [6].  This week we’re starting from the topic Decision Making.

Framing is apart of decision making.  Framing is the way an issue is posed.  Like how ab issue is framed can significantly affect decisions and judgements. 

For example: 

  • What is the best way to market ground beef–as 25% fat or 75% lean? Or
  • Those who pass come to class or those who are absent fail

Judgment Formation contains two main contents.  One being Belief Bias which is the tendency for someones preexisting beliefs to distort logical reasoning.  Sometimes when you make minvalid jconclusions it seems valid or some valid conclusions may seem invalid.  Another content of Judgment Formation is Belief Perseverance.  This is clinging to one’s initial conceptions after the basis on which they were formed has been discredited.

Language is our spoken, written, or gestured works and the way we combine them to communicate meaning.  Phoneme is in a spoken language, the smallest distinctive sound unit.


  • Bat- has three phonemes b * a * t
  • Chat- has three phonemes ch * a * t

Everyone was born to recpgnize speech sounds from all languages.  93 percent of babies between the ages of 6-8 months can hear the “T’s” in the Hindi language.  Only 68 percent of 8-10 month year olds can hear the “T’s” in the Hindi language.  20 percent of 10-12 month babies hear the “T’s” in the Hindi language and only about 10 percent of english speaking adults can hear it.

In language sturture the is a small unit that carries a meaning.  It may be a word or part of a word.  This is called Morpheme

Some Example are: 

  • Milk=milk
  • Pumpkin= pump . kin
  • Unforgettable= un . for . get . table

When structuring Language Facts:

  • Phonememes are basic sounds
  • Morphemes are the smallest meaningfkul units
  • Words are meaningful units
  • Phrases are composed of two or more words
  • Sentences are composed of many words

Grammer is also a big part of LanguageGrammer is a system of rules in a language that enables us to communicate with and understand others.  Grammer is broken up into two parts; Sematics and SyntaxSematics is the set of rules by which we drive meaning from words, and sentences in a given language.  The Sematic rule bamsically tells us that adding [ed] to the word [laugh] meand that it happened in the past.  Syntax is the rules for combining words into grammatically sensible sentences in a given language.  In Englsih, adjectives come before nouns.    In Spanish, nouns come before adjectives.

Quiz Yourself:  In English, it is appropriate to refer to “a pretty bird,” but not to “a bird pretty.”  This best illustrates the importance of:

A) syntax

B) semantics

C) morphemes

D) phonemes

The correct answer is [A]

See you next week 🙂


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