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Posted: October 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

This week on my blog I want to take a break from the regular psychology information and look at some very interesting phobias.  If you are not sure about what a phobia is, then look at the definition below.

Phobia: is a persistent, irrational fear of a specific object, activity, or situation that leads to a compelling desire to avoid it.

Here is a list of the Top Ten Most Common Phobias in the World Today.

1)      Agoraphobia

Fear of open space, but it can also be a fear of crowded places.  It can cause someone to have a panic attack.

2)      Arachnophobia

Fear of spiders.

FUN FACT:  Because of the fact that this phobia is very common, there has been a movie named after it.

3)      Acrophobia

Fear of heights.  Sometimes people with this phobia can’t even ride in a glass fronted elevator or looking out of a window.

4)      Claustrophobia

It’s the opposite of Agoraphobia (Number 1 on the list).  Fear of confined or enclosed spaces.  This is also associated with the fear of not being able to escape from a situation.

Example Areas:  Elevators / Closets / Bathrooms

5)      Aviophobia

Fear of flying

This is usually a mixture of phobias such as not being able to escape, not being in control, etc.

6)      Dental Phobia

Around 15percent of the Western part of the world are afraid of dentists.  This is also a mixture of phobias such as being afraid of needles, drills, and possibly the white coats that the dentists have to wear.

7)      Social Phobia

Fear of some social interaction.  This also goes with the fear of being to speak in front of people and having interview anxiety.

8)      Mysophobia

Fear of germs.

Sometimes known as OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder)

The symptoms can possibly be washing your hands more than once at a time and not paying attention to things that you feel can be cleaner and more organized.

9)      Aquaphobia

Is the fear of water.   It can also be the fear of drowning. 1/50 has this fear of water.

10)   Fear of Commitment

An example of a symptom can be avoiding getting married.

Here are a few uncommon phobias

Ablutophobia is the fear of washing or bathing ;// Alektorophobia is the fear of chickens :// Anthrophobia or Anthophobia is the flowers ;//Aulophobia is the fear of flutes ;// Barophobia is the fear of gravity ;// Bibliophobia is the fear of books ;// Brontophobia is the fear of thunder and lightning ;// Cathisophobia is the fear of sitting ;// Chaetophobia is the fear of hair ;// Chrometophobia or Chrematophobia is the fear of money ;// Deipnophobia is the fear of dinning or hearing dinner conversations ;// Ecclesiophobia is the fear of church ;// Ergophobia is the fear of work ;//Gamophobia is the fear of marriage ;// Hadephobia is the fear of hell ;// Homichlophobia is the fear of  fog ;//Hominophobia is the fear of men ;//  Ithyphallophobia is the fear of seeing or thinking about or having an erect penis ;// kathisophobia is the fear of sitting down


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